Welcome to Ruah Counseling

‘A breath of life for your body and soul.’

You feel anxious and overwhelmed, consumed by thoughts of your body and food. On the outside, people think you have it together, but inside you are falling apart. You are tired and exhausted and never feel that you are able to keep up. Consuming thoughts get in the way of you being able to focus on your friendships, family, and work. You catch yourself always comparing your body to society’s standards and you feel you don’t measure up. 

You think: 

No one will like me the way I am. 

Will I ever be free from thoughts of food and body?

What if I don’t succeed at my next project?

What if I fail my loved ones and don’t get everything done for them?

What if I’m really a failure?

And you end up feeling confused, hopeless, and lonely. The truth is you deserve to live your life free from consuming thoughts about your body and food, while being able to enjoy the fullness of friendships and family. Your life can thrive. 

You easily break down into tears. You are your own worst critic. You feel that your dreams elude you.  

What’s at stake if action isn’t taken is that you find yourself more tired, limited, and exhausted. You find yourself without joy. You’re unable to sleep without thinking about your body and food. Your relationships begin to shrink and you find yourself isolated and alone. Your sense of confidence dwindles and all you can think about is why people don’t like you. 

You feel that something has to change. 

Things could continue to spiral down, but if you reach out for help today, they could get better. 

You’re in the right place; I can help. 

I know how hard it is to be consumed by overwhelming thoughts of food and body and wonder if there can ever be relief. I have committed my work to helping people find freedom from anxiety and depression and joy with food and their bodies. I help people find their voice and take a stand against the war on their bodies; thrive in your life. 

I know how scary it can be to reach out for help with a therapist. I promise to make the process as easy and warm as possible for you. You’ll also get to meet a warm, cute, and cuddly bichon/maltese dog along the way. 

I’m glad you’re here, and I want you know that you can find relief today. GET STARTED NOW