Welcome to Ruah Counseling

‘A breath of life for a new beginning.’


Are you ready to pursue freedom for your body and from food? Do you find yourself consumed with thoughts about your body and food; it has taken too much time and energy from your life? If so, then you’re in the right place to find relief; I can help. My hope is that you find courage in taking this step for help. My focus will be in helping you find freedom from food and make peace with your body. It’s exhausting to feel tired, anxious, spent, and overwhelmed all the time and now is the time for that to change. 

I work from a non-diet approach to help you navigate understanding your relationship to food and your body, therefore developing strong skills to give a good ol’ boot to how food has been controlling you. We’ll explore the roots of what led you to this place and gently excavate those roots to nurture and help them get well. You’ll also find places to breathe and add sanity back to your life. It’s time to kick the eating disorder to the curb and take back your life! Contact me today.

-Kerry Kirsch, MA, LMHC